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Introducing My New Book!




To be Able to Reach the Harvest


Live and Dream with God Again!

A Journey of Deliverance, Increase, and Freedom. 


It’s a message to the Bride of Christ of deeper intimacy and greater freedom as we partner with Jesus to be able to reach the harvest. Jesus wants a partner, a bride, that is free from the shackles of debt, lack, and religion and will join Him with her "yes" and her surrendered heart to reach and gather in the harvest in this last hour.

Through this book, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I will take you to a place of fresh vision, faith, and hope for yourself. Life will begin to look different and much brighter for you as you partner with Jesus. You’ll be stirred to a deeper and more intimate walk with the Lord. You’ll be challenged and inspired into new levels of giving. The weights and chains that have held you bound will lift, and ultimately, you’ll be released into a new freedom in your finances and invited and encouraged into a Kingdom adventure with God.

This God-size assignment will take you higher and deeper in your relationship with God, help you get untethered from the things of this world, and stir and inspire a Kingdom movement in you of radical Generosity as you embrace your identity as His beloved Bride of Christ.

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Gold Book Cover.png


  • This book is about God’s deep love for His Bride and the harvest, and His calling and drawing us higher into His presence and into our position IN Christ and deeper into the Father’s heart.

  • It’s about the personal assignment God planted in me through a prophetic word while deepening and defining it through many divine encounters and Five Kingdom Principles.

  • And lastly, it’s about God inviting us to take His hand and join Him on a God-adventure of generous giving through His Kingdom work in the earth.

More Testionials


Connie Harper and I have been intercessors together for many years, and as long as I have known her she has been an extreme seeker of His heart. She desires to see all free as the bride of Christ and living with all the intimacy available to us. This book shows you how.


Carol LaVigne


Irving, Texas

Connie Harper and I attended the same church for about 20 years. I support her book and applaud the simplicity of her personal revelations with her Lord. These personal encounters encourage us as a believer to receive our redemptive authority in Christ Jesus. Thank you, Connie, for making it so easy to understand Our Kingdom Benefits because of His love for us.


Gwen Wren

Rockwall, Tx



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This Book, "Free the Bride" is for...

Anyone that feels spiritually dry, that wants to get free from the confines of religion, and wants to go deeper in their relationship with God to know Him on a more intimate level.

Anyone that struggles with fear, fear of lack, or with a lack of faith to trust God. Anyone that wants to overcome these obstacles and hurdles of fear and lack.

Anyone that wants to grow in being a better Kingdom steward of all that God has given them and manage their lives and finances in line with God's will and Word.

Anyone that has lost the joy in their giving and wants to stir that gift again. Anyone that wants to grow in generosity and go on a God-adventure with Him in their giving.

Get Free and Start
a Kingdom Adventure!

It's Time for New Beginnings!

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