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Bear One Another's Burdens...But Then Go Deeper

The Journey and Process of Deeper Intimacy....

From the Outer Court to the Inner Court, and then into the Holy of Holies.

We come from the Outer Court, the busyness of our lives, and we step into the Inner Court, our Secret Place or even the corporate Prayer Hub. It's where we show and express our heart's desire to come away with Jesus, to seek His heart, to know Him and express our love to Him through our worship. But then we are able to go deeper still into the Holy of Holies, into the deepest place of His Presence. We're able to step through "the individual door" that's there for each one of us as intercessors and lovers of God. It's the door of Jesus Himself. It's the door of our life hidden IN Christ. Jesus said, "I am the door." Here we step into Jesus, and He steps into us...We are ONE together in this Holy of Holies place IN Him. It's the deepest and most intimate place with Him. It's where Jesus shares His heart and His deepest thoughts and revelations. The Inner Court: When we step into the Inner Court, the Holy Place of our Secret Place or our corporate Prayer Hub, many times we bring the burdens that we carry for others and for ourselves. Here we lay them at His feet and in His presence as we worship Him. And in His light and presence we're able to wash these cares and concerns in His Word as we lift our hearts to Him in intercession. It's in this Inner Court, this Holy Place, that Jesus reveals Himself as the light of the world, as the Word and bread of Life, and as the sweet Incense of our intercession that flows up to Him. It's where He shines His light and the truth of His Word into these concerns and cares that we carry, and it's here that we position and posture our hearts to receive from Him. As we come into this Inner Court and Holy Place we're expessing our heart's desire to seek and know Him, that we want and need Him more than life itself, and that we're setting aside this time to come out of the busyness, the chaos, and distractions of the world to be with Him, to worship Him, and to seek His face and heart. Selah The Holy of Holies: Then when we're ready, when we've laid and rested all those cares and concerns with Him and we're ready for more of HIM, we open that veil and step through the door of Jesus Himself, and we enter into an even deeper realm of His presence. It's that realm and reality that we were created for. It's our place of oneness IN's in this place we find our deepest satisfaction and our greatest fulfillment. It's ONENESS with Jesus, our Bridegroom and Beloved. 👑❤

Whole and Perfect IN Him....

It's in this place, this realm IN Him where it's only you and Jesus, where you've gone deeper, where there's no veil between you, where everything has been laid down and left back there in the Holy Place at His feet, where it's just you and Him locked in this deep, intimate, and passionate embrace, sharing your hearts of love. It's in this realm and place of deep intimacy that healing is taking place and the fullness of the release of His Kingdom is being infused into you. It's your Kingdom identity being infused and eternally marked upon your heart. He's your Beloved, and you are His. There is no stain or darkness in you. You are whole and perfect IN Him. 👑❤


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