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Live in Your Heart

As a believer your heart is HIS heart. It is one with's full of love, and peace, and joy, and generosity, mercy, and kindness. Your heart is gentle and kind. It is generous and gives to others in need. It believes and sees the best in others. It edifices and builds up. It encourages. Live in your heart. ❤ Live in His. Your heart is His. Live in HIS heart....for God so loved the world that He gave... His heart is sacrificial and generous. His heart looks at the bigger picture and purpose, and it looks at the future results of His sacrificial giving and gift. His heart doesn't let human reasoning veto what His heart is saying. "In fact, the mind-set focused on the flesh fights God’s plan and refuses to submit to his direction, because it cannot!" (Rom 8:7 TPT) When we humble ourselves and come up higher, taking our seat, our heart becomes yielded to His and receives the river of grace that flows from His heart to ours to share with others. When we live IN and from our heart and His, we glorify the Father and we glorify Jesus. And by this we are changed into His image, and we reflect His image and heart to the world. THAT is our divine purpose.... that the world may see and know JESUS through us, His Body and Bride.

Live in your heart. ❤ Live in His.


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