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Choosing The Path of Miracles

You're at a difficult place...a fork in the road. It's time to make a choice. You can choose the path of worry, fear, doubt, taking control, OR you can choose the path of faith, surrender, trust, and miracles with the One Who IS the Miracle Worker, the One that is all wise and all knowing. The choice is yours. God is a gentleman. He doesn't force His way into our lives or force His opinion and the way of His Kingdom on us. He has given us a will that we can use to create our own independent path, or we can submit, trust, and walk with Him on the path He's created for us and has actually walked in already. God knows the end from the beginning, (Is 46:10), and His path, (which is not always an easy path, but it's the narrow way) is the path that leads to life and life more abundantly. (John 10:10) Jesus is our Redeemer, and turns impossible situations into glory stories. He redeems and makes things new, working all things together for our good, and uses them for His redemptive purpose. God delights in revealing His faithfulness as we trust Him and walk with Him on His path of FAITH. Faith is what pleases God, and without faith it's impossible to please Him. Your life is a MIRACLE unfolded everyday by His grace. Receive His grace, and receive your MIRACLE. Choose FAITH, choose LIFE, choose MIRACLES, choose JESUS!!

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