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Engulfed In His Love

"Let him smother me with his kisses--his Spirit-kiss divine."

Song of Songs 1:2 TPT

When I arise to my position in Him and I sit down in my seat, my corporate seat of authority, I hear in my spirit, "Lack, debt, and poverty are defeated". I know it is done. It is finished. He has accomplished it all, now He is drawing me up here to release His heart and His love and partner with Him to release His blessing of prosperity and abundance.

I feel a strong presence of the Lord engulf me. And as I meditate on Him and wrap myself in His presence, I feel my heart enlarge and swell with His love. I feel my heart begin to burn with the passion of His love. I am consumed in Him. He has set me ablaze with His love. I feel His heart towards the people. I feel His compassion, and my heart goes out with His. He is drawing them up here. He's drawing them up by His love, by His heart of compassion and mercy. His grace is being released, and His mercy is being showered down upon them. He is releasing His love.

Oh, thank You, Lord. Thank You for Your great love and mercy. Thank You that Your mercy endures forever. Thank You for loving us and drawing us up here into Your presence and for giving us Your heart. Thank You for imparting Your love and grace in us to love others, to be Your conduit of love, to be Your conduit of grace and blessing. Thank You for Your never-ending love. You are all we need. You are all we desire. You are our all-sufficiency. You are our satisfaction. All that we are is in You. All that we ever will be is in You. We surrender all, Jesus. We surrender all. Have Your way. Live Your life big in us. Manifest Your goodness and greatness in us. Let the world see Your glory through us. We reach out and draw them up into Your glory by Your love. Amen


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